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      i just bought it, and wondering what is the best setting for creating AAF files from FCPXML, so my sound mixer can open it on protools without any troubles.



        why always got this?

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        James Carrick

          Dear Daac,

          The warning tells you what we have done. There is an issue with 32bit Floating Point in ProTools, if media is marked as 32bit FP, it is played as linear which depending on the levels you had can be awful.

          To workaround this bug in ProTools until they resolve it, any 32 bit floating point is converted to linear so that it can be played in ProTools.

          Please refer to the 32 bit thread

          Regarding “Best Settings” it really depends on what you are working with and what you want to create, you can discard transitions, disabled clips, inactive clips, you don’t have to choose any. Then the other options are whether you want to embed the media, i.e. put it in the AAF or reference it if WAV so it can be accessed by PT but does not have to be in the AAF. The next big option is Trim audio, that really is a question of how much of a handle you want on the beginning or end of the media to allow long mixes / effects in PT.

          Sorry if the above seems a little vague but its impossible for me to say what would best work for you, as I don’t know where you are in a production and whether you are creating an AAF for ProTools or another DAW and what finishing you want to do with it.

          Yours Sincerely


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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