Why upgrade to X2Pro5?

If you already have X2Pro Audio Connect, you might be wondering whether to upgrade to X2Pro5 and what the differences are. Here’s a quick summary for you of the main reasons to upgrade:

Support for 32-bit floating-point source audio 

  • Projects that include 32-bit floating-point audio can be processed by X2Pro5 
  • During transfer, X2Pro5 will convert the audio to 32-bit integer audio

Simplified workflow via redesigned UI 

Build up the process that flows naturally, with all of the required elements handled visually:

  • Page 1: Add the FCP project and the output location 
  • Page 2: Choose how Roles will be managed in the conversion 
  • Page 3: See if there are any media location that need to be accessed 
  • Page 4: Set any detailed options for audio processing, handling inactive clips, and embedding or referencing media 

Expanded role and sub role management 

  • See the list of roles and sub-roles for the project 
  • Reposition and reorder individual or groups of roles 
  • Include or exclude a selection of the roles and sub-roles 
  • Merge sub-roles into their parent role, either set for individual sub-roles or across all roles 

Enhanced media management 

  • X2Pro5 will check the project and see if there are any media files in locations that it does not currently have access to 
  • These locations are shown in a list, which will highlight the top level of any required locations at the top 
  • The required locations can be added by either dragging and dropping them onto the application or by navigating to them
  • Once new locations are added, the list will refresh and show the updated status 

Native Apple silicon support 

  • X2Pro5 has native support for both Apple silicon and Intel processors

Note: Due to limitations in Pro Tools, we are currently unable to pass the files as floating-point audio within the AAF. This feature will be added once the issue in Pro Tools has been addressed. 

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