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    Hello, I think I’m experiencing similar issue. I’ve tried all variations of exporting AAF out of X2Pro5 with no success. I’ve made a testing timeline in FCP with one multicam clip and one connected clip, nothing else, and it still doesn’t go through to PT. One odd thing is when I try to import session data to PT on source properties it lists all kinds of crazy sample rates, which of course doesn’t exist in the project. After I proceed with importing into PT it just says that file have errors and may be corrupt.

    After I do the same with X2Pro4 it kind of works, but there is a problem with mixed channel names (Boom is called lav 1 and so on).

    Any suggestions how to make a proper AAF would be appreciated.

    Pro Tools version 2023.12.1, FCP 10.7.1, Mac Studio M2 Max Ventura 13.6.3

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