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      I exported a v1.10 fcpxmld for a 2 hour show and X2Pro5 created a 6 GB AAF without error. Embed media is enabled and Trim media is set to 2 second handles. The ProTools editor said that attempting to import the AAF caused PT to crash.

      So I ran X2Pro4 with that same fcpxmld and it created a 16 GB AAF that opened properly in PT. Embed media is enabled and Trim is set to 2 second handles.

      MacStudio M1 Ultra, 64 GB, macOS 13.1, FCP 10.6.3, X2Pro4 v4.5.16, X2Pro5 v5.0.25 (51)

      Let me know how I can help you debug. I don’t see a way to attach an fcpxmld to posts here. The AAFs are large at 6 GB and 16 GB.


      P.S. I submitted this issue here earlier this morning but now there’s no sign of it.

      Simon Fearn

        Hopefully you have recieved an email detailing an upload location for the samples




          Thank you Simon. Yes, I received an email early this morning. Am uploading the AAFs and fcpxml now.



            Any status updates?

            Noel Jones

              Hi Terry,

              This issue is of top priority as there has been reports of similar issues from other users.
              We will let you know as soon as we have a fix.

              Kind Regards


                Hello, I think I’m experiencing similar issue. I’ve tried all variations of exporting AAF out of X2Pro5 with no success. I’ve made a testing timeline in FCP with one multicam clip and one connected clip, nothing else, and it still doesn’t go through to PT. One odd thing is when I try to import session data to PT on source properties it lists all kinds of crazy sample rates, which of course doesn’t exist in the project. After I proceed with importing into PT it just says that file have errors and may be corrupt.

                After I do the same with X2Pro4 it kind of works, but there is a problem with mixed channel names (Boom is called lav 1 and so on).

                Any suggestions how to make a proper AAF would be appreciated.

                Pro Tools version 2023.12.1, FCP 10.7.1, Mac Studio M2 Max Ventura 13.6.3

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                James Carrick

                  Dear Bunaras

                  This should be resolved in the 5.0.31 code, we have released 5.0.33 today. If you can arrange to upgrade to the latest version all should be good.

                  Please let us know.

                  Yours Sincerely


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