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      I ran into a strange outcome. In both the legacy version and the new X2Pro5 version of X2Pro the result of the AAF in ProTools looks like the channel names have “rotated”.
      In FCPX Channel 1 is called “xxx.Plug1”, channel 2: “xxx.Plug2″, channel 3: :xxx.MID”, channel 4: xxx.SIDE”.
      In ProTools: Channel 1 is called: xxx.a1, channel 2: xxx.a2, channel 3: xxx.a3 and channel 4: Plug1. The audio content is correct in ProTools. On channel 1 I hear Plug1, on channel 2 you hear Plug2, on Channel 3 is the MID and channel 4 is the SIDE.
      I synced everything in Sync-N-Link and followed different ways of delivering the AAF: referenced, trimmed, Keep Subroles, Merge Subroles, ….
      Included is a screen print in FCPX 10.6.6 and screen print in Protools Ultimate 2022.10.0.
      Included is the AAF.
      I’m on a Mac Studio Ventura 13.6

      Is there something I missed?

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        I’m sorry: how do I attach the AAF and screen prints?

        Simon Fearn

          Hi Rob,

          Could you mail them to us at quoting ticket number TS10708 and we will have a look.



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