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    Thanks a lot James ! Can you send me the xml you made and rectify on that address : ?

    Otherwise I try to import the xml on Davinci Resolve and export AAF from there, it work but not really. Even if the audios seems good inside Resolve (still a little bit messed up but manageable), when i import the AAF on Protools, the audios are actually stretch down, desynchronize everything along the session. It’s not much (Session suppose to be 1:12:02s long, AAF on Protools become 1:12:24), but it’s enough to oblige me to resynchronize and stretch correctly all the files manually, or for a project at this scale it’s just too much.

    At this point, my only chance to get this project done without taking a month of work is to find a way to export an AAF properly for Protools.

    Many thanks,


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