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Tim Robson

    Sorry that you are having problems with this, the problem is caused by the lack of support for CRM files in the AVFoundation which we use for audio extraction and the fact that Canon do not currently provide an SDK to extract audio from their files. We are constantly checking with Canon and AVF to try to get one or both to provide this support but until one of them does we are unable to extract this audio.
    There is a workaround which will allow you to work with CRM files though, this was posted in the X2Pro forum and the method is applicable to X2Pro5 as well:

    – First – convert CRM files into proxies with Canon RAW Development (set to keep the same name, use Cinema Gamut and Canon Log 3 as export video settings) (pic 0)
    – Edit – color corrected and pre-mixed sound of my project with the original CRM files.
    – Relink – the original CRM files with ProRes proxies (pick ‘as original data’) in FCPX (you’ll notice now in your info tab that ‘Codecs’ state Apple ProRes, instead of Canon RAW Lite) (pic 1, 2 & 3)
    – Then export the XML file of the timeline for X2pro.

    I hope that this helps and allows you to work, as soon as it is possible to extract the CRM files natively we will enable this.

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