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X2Pro has allowed me to post-produce a short film with a fully professional workflow, sending a very complex audio timeline to the audio engineer. The result is a wonderful 5.1 audio design that enabled us being selected in dozens of festivals worldwide

Emmanuel Tenenbaum, film director

X2Pro is a superb product and is unquestionably a must for all FCPX editors who need to work with Pro Tools and/or sound engineers. We're over the moon with the results, as are our sound engineers (and they can be a picky bunch). Great work on a great tool!

Chaz, Affixxius Films

X2Pro is a really great app that helps us work with FCP X and Avid Pro Tools in broadcasting

Ian Nadolsky, Stereovision

X2Pro was crucial to our post production workflow. It worked seamlessly for us

Zorie Barber, Producer, The Yoga Sutra

X2Pro has been very useful and the customer service experience is outstanding

Joakim Heurlin, VJ, Impact TV

For us X2Pro is a must have! An absolute no-brainer

Maarten Butter, Owner, EditCompany

I could not work with FCPX if it wasn’t for X2Pro

Emmanuel Rondeau, Director & Producer, White Fox Pictures

X2Pro is a really great app that works seamlessly as a fantastic piece of the FCPX ecosystem

Matt Goddard, The Pixel Collective

Hands down, X2Pro remains the most fabulous post sound tool that FCPX users should not be without!

Paul Munger, Editor on feature film Princess Cut

We could not have worked with Final Cut Pro X and an external sound studio without X2Pro. X2Pro is now crucial to our workflow

Snow R. Shai, Director, Snowdrum Audio Visual

Simply the best way to export audio from FCP X to final mix in your DAW. X2Pro has a dedicated team who responds to customer needs

David Battistella, Bottega Battistella

X2Pro is the one absolutely essential tool for any serious user of FCP X. Great design, excellent customer support, an outstanding product. I couldn't live without it

Simon Ubsdell, Director at Tokyo Productions Limited

I love editing in Final Cut X. But without software like X2Pro, I would not be able to elevate my projects to the next level of professionalism

Chris Magliozzo, Mags Edit

I love X2Pro. Editing in FCPX has changed the way I work but it's your product and others like it that have genuinely made FCPX a viable option for me

John Schroter, Freelance Editor/Colorist

With X2Pro Audio Convert I'm finally confident that my projects transfer as they should to Audio Post. X2Pro´s smart use of Audio Roles keeps my audio well organized all the way to Pro Tools

Jari Innanen, Editor/Sound Designer

I've now used X2Pro several times and am very impressed with it. Each time, I find myself less anxious about translation issues as it still has a perfect record as far as my projects are concerned

Noam Kroll, Creative Rebellion

As artists making our own webTV drama X2pro aided us communicate with our composer in Logic from FCPX and helped us get Shades Of Bad into the world web top 10 for nearly 4 months

Doris Shades from Shades Of Bad

Trailer Park Boys has been using FCPX and X2Pro Audio convert for 4 seasons now. It has helped our sound post so much we couldn’t imagine not using it. Simple, Fast, and Accurate. All you want in a post workflow

Jeremy Harty, Supervising Editor, Trailer Park Boys

We needed to send an AAF to the mixers and we had to come up with a solution quickly. I asked around, and X2Pro was the number one recommendation from every editor I spoke to. I now understand why

Adam Schoales, Editor at Visual Inclination

X2Pro is a must if you are editing with FCPX. Not only is it a straightforward app that does exactly what it says it will do, the support team will work with you to come up with unique solutions specific to your project

Nira Burstein, Director

X2pro simply is a must-have if ProTools plays a part in your workflow and finally makes Final Cut Pro X the perfect editing tool for professionals

Daniel Rakete Siegel, Director/Editor

When I switched to FCPX, figuring out an audio workflow that would enable me to mix in ProTools was my biggest concern. X2Pro does the job, and does it well

Lyn Elliot, Editor

I've enjoyed using X2Pro for many broadcast commercial projects. It allows me to send audio stems to audio sweetening with ease - it's a vital part of my editing workflow

Bill Slater, Edit Alchemy

X2Pro was an essential part of our workflow as we moved our short documentary edited in FCPX to a professional sound mixing house

Rupert Shanks, Filmmaker

X2Pro is for sound mixing what the flux capacitor in Back to the Future is for time travel. Without it, you'll hardly make the jump to the mixing stage

Fabrizio Fracassi, Film Editor, Director, Screenwriter

Since our post team's switch to FCPX, X2Pro Audio Convert has become an essential program to help streamline our workflow with sound mixers

Kristen Barry, Post Supervisor/Producer, Freeride Entertainment

We were working on a 50 episode tv series in FCPX and X2Pro handled all of the audio workflows and perfectly so. With a great and super responsive support team to boost it’s a must have add on

Nikolai Pigarev - RedSpy Films

X2Pro was the missing link in my workflow - allowing all the freelancers in my team to work with the tools they are most familiar with, and so achieving the best results

Benjamin Verrall, Producer/Director, Toffee Hammer Productions

X2Pro has been the backbone of our audio turnovers for multiple broadcast TV documentaries. Paired with Sync-N-Link & Final Cut Pro X, X2Pro makes for the quickest and cleanest audio turnovers possible

Patrick Southern, Editor

X2Pro allows me to work seamlessly with my ProTools mixing engineer to get professional broadcast quality audio mixes that keeps my clients coming back. X2Pro is a vital part of our workflow and a must-have tool for all FCPX editors

Ben Consoli, BC Media Productions

Aspiring to create the highest quality videos with the ease of FCPX, it's necessary to be able to have the best person possible mix your sound! And X2Pro makes that possible for me! I appreciate this great software that solves this missing feature in FCPX!

Rich Camp

Doing a final audio mix is critical for any professional video project, and while FCPX excels at many things, audio mixing is not one of them. Sending audio to ProTool through X2Pro is an essential part of Groovy Like a Movie's finishing workflow

Brent Altomare, Executive Producer, Groovy Like a Movie

I cut Trailers in Hollywood and X2Pro is indispensable. Mixers love the well organized AAF’s that it creates using FCP X Roles, and on the rare occasion I’ve needed support, they’ve been super responsive. I really couldn’t do what I do without X2Pro

Charlie Austin, Editor at Fishbowl Films

We are finishing up our first feature film that we cut on FCPX and as we moved into our sound mix X2Pro was fantastic. We were lucky enough to take our audio mix to Skywalker Sound and everything about the workflow has been really great

Geoffrey Orthwein, Producer • Director • Editor • Colorist

I chose X2Pro for a short film I was working on that needed a lot of audio work and it easily handled my project’s more than 32 audio tracks. I think that all professional editors who use Final Cut Pro X and Pro Tools should get this plugin — it's an essential part of my workflow

James Gribbins, Director/DP of Gribbins Films

X2Pro adds the essential 3rd party bridge between next generation FCPX and Avid Pro Tools. The transparent workflow allows the Final Cut Pro X metadata based structure/audio roles to be able to work in Pro Tools immediately. It saves time and money - it is as simple as that

Benjamin Everingham, Untold Films Limited

I began to work professionally with Final Cut Pro X after X2Pro was first released. Because all my work requires sound mixing, I needed to be able to export an AAF out of Final Cut Pro X. The solution allows me to send my Final Cut Pro X timeline to sound engineer to be mixed in ProTools (or Nuendo)

Fabien Daguerre, Freelance Editor

FCPX’s audio handling within the app is staggering, and X2Pro Audio Convert can make all creative decisions available to our audio mixer. If it disappeared tomorrow, I’d have to add at least a day to each commercial or VR job just to prep audio for mix and finish. It’s a real game changer for any serious FCPX professional

Duncan Shepherd, Editor/ Creative Director, Duncan Shepherd Films

One of many great things about X2Pro is it delivers highly organized audio tracks to Pro Tools thanks to integration with Final Cut Pro X Roles. I can spend time fine tuning the mix instead of languishing in prep. It has become an indispensable tool and major time & money saver

Mike Matzdorff, Editor/Director/Writer and author of Final Cut Pro X: Pro Workflow

X2Pro is an excellent app which is being developed with real care and attention. In the past, when projects were begun in Final Cut Pro X it was a challenge to bring them in to Pro Tools for high quality sound finishing. Now, with X2Pro, the workflow is easy and precise. We are already looking forward to the next release

Jeff Sobel, chief engineer, John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

For anyone working with audio and video, X2Pro is essential. Whether you are going to Protools or Logic, X2Pro is the only reliable way of exporting your FCPX timeline. I have been using X2Pro since its first release and it has never let me down. Superfast FCPXML to AAF conversion. Get your roles from FCPX into your DAW without any hassle. A must have!

Paul Sinkovich, Editor

At Superhypernatural, we do 95% of all audio post work outside the NLE with more dedicated applications like Pro Tools and (recently) Logic Pro X. Even though video editing is as efficient as it can get with Final Cut Pro X, we couldn't consider it a professional solution before X2Pro Audio Convert came out back in 2012. For our workflow, X2Pro is essential

Martin Gerhard Hantich, Superhypernatural Multimedia

When Electric Entertainment transitioned to Final Cut Pro X, we needed to re-engineer our whole workflow. X2Pro became the missing puzzle piece that allowed us to work with Apple's software and still maintain the highest quality production standard. With Version 2's ability to work with referenced media, X2Pro will greatly increase our efficiency in moving from FCP X to Protools

Brian Gonose, Electric Entertainment

X2Pro has been an invaluable tool for us. It really is the only way to cleanly get audio out of FCPX and into a DAW. It has worked well for us with both ProTools and Logic Pro X. The translation has been excellent, and the organization of all tracks and regions is clean and professional. Apple’s own XML workflow pales in comparison. Thanks for making such a great product - it’s a necessity!

Mike Termale, Editor, Trinity Broadcasting Network

The support for X2Pro is great. Getting back to me in a day. And even when I didn't respond, they asked me if everything was alright. They helped me with everything they could do and more!

Jonathan van den Burg, Director

We edit long length documentaries on FCP X and have to mix in Pro Tools. X2Pro is really simple, fast on a big timeline and now used as a reliable tool in our workflow

Jean-François Didelot, Producer, Victorimage