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Marquis’ X2Pro is Smart Choice for Visual Inclination

In a ‘smart’ move, editor Adam Schoales, working for digital agency, Visual Inclination, in Toronto, has selected X2Pro, Marquis’ conversion application for delivering Final Cut Pro X projects to Avid Pro Tools for audio finishing, for the series two promo of Canada’s Smartest Person, aired on CBC in Canada.


X2Pro uses Marquis’ Media Highway, the core technology employed by Marquis’ media integration products to integrate Final Cut Pro X into professional audio workflows, delivering seamless integration between the two applications.

Adam Schoales explains: “Visual Inclination is a one-stop-shop providing design, development, and film/TV production all under one roof. X2Pro was purchased specifically for the audio finishing for Canada’s Smartest Person when it was agreed in the final stages to send the video off for a sound mix. Until this point, all of our Final Cut Pro X projects were for online delivery and we did all the sound mixing when required in-house. However, we now needed to send an AAF to the mixers and we had to come up with a solution quickly. I asked around, and X2Pro was the number one recommendation from every editor I spoke to. I now understand why.

“Once the video has been locked, I am able to double check all my roles to make sure things have been categorized properly - dialogue, music, sound effects - and then use X2Pro to prep an AAF,” confirms Schoales. “For the Canada’s Smartest Person promo, each clip was actually part of an hour long file. Sending all of this to the audio guys would have meant a huge file plus a long process time, so I used the trim handles feature to get rid of all the excess audio and deliver a much more concise AAF.

“I downloaded the app around 6pm, and had an AAF delivered to the audio team by 8pm - and most of that time was troubleshooting some re-timed clips in the timeline,” continues Schoales. “The audio guys remarked at how clean the project came in when they opened the AAF in Pro Tools. Now audio prep is completely painless.”

Schoales concludes: “Using X2Pro means anyone receiving our audio will now have nicely organized sessions, which they appreciate. For me, it means I can continue to work quickly and efficiently in Final Cut Pro X, my NLE of choice and be able to make audio deliverables without hesitation. In addition, the speed at which we can now prep audio deliverables means less time is wasted waiting and troubleshooting outputs. The end result when delivered to the audio team is now much cleaner and organized, saving everybody time and therefore, money. So far, we’ve used it for this web promo and in the future I can see us using it for more of these promos, as well as broadcast and film work.”

Canada’s Smartest Person Season Two is currently casting – for further information please see:


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