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Frequently Asked Questions - Preferences

FAQs - Preferences

The preferences window can be accessed from the X2Pro Audio Convert menu bar or with the Cmd+"," (comma) shortcut.

This option, if selected, removes all audio transitions from the final AAF. This can be useful if the audio engineer would prefer to start with only the media and its location in the timeline.

This option, if selected, makes X2Pro exclude disabled audio clips/tracks from the AAF. The audio from the disabled clips will not be embedded, and the clips will not appear in the sequence timeline.

All PCM audio that is inserted into the AAF is not resampled and maintains its original bit-depth. Non-PCM audio (such as AAC or MP3 files) must be converted to PCM, this option allows you to choose the bit depth it is converted to; either 16 bit or 24 bit. 

When X2Pro embeds audio media into the AAF it can be trimmed (this feature is not available in X2ProLE). This option is available under the Settings section of the main window. This preference allows you to define, in seconds, the length of the handles added to the beginning and end of each clip. The default value is 2 seconds. 

A multi-channel WAV file is a single WAV file that contains more than one audio channel. 

Only select this option if you know that your DAW can accept multi-channel WAV files referenced from an AAF file. Pro Tools, for example, cannot handle referenced multi-channel WAV files.

You can choose whether to embed media that cannot be referenced, or generate an error and not create an AAF file. If you do not want any media to be embedded, choose Generate an error, transcode any media which generates an error, then try the conversion again. If you choose to embed media that cannot be referenced then that media will be subject to the trimming settings (if X2Pro is set to trim embedded audio).

As the AAF file is created, Roles are sorted by their name, and then packed into tracks. All the clips with the same role name are packed into as few tracks as possible. This option allows you to choose whether sub-roles of a role are kept separate from each other, or whether they are packed into tracks together. For example, you might have roles called "Music", "Music.A1" and "Music.A2". If you select Keep sub-roles separate, at least 3 tracks will be created and, clips with roles of "Music" and "Music.A1" will never share a track. If you choose to merge sub-roles into parent then it will be possible clips with roles of "Music" and "Music.A1" to share a track. Merge sub-roles into parent will tend to create a denser track layout, whereas Keep sub-roles separate will ensure that each track only ever contains audio clips from one sub-role. You can change what Roles are included in the AAF and their order from the Roles window accessible from the main window (unless you have the LE version). 

You can add a new location to the Media Locations list by pressing the "+" button, then navigating to a folder that contains media and clicking the Select Folder button. If you have a standard installation it would be wise to start by adding "/Users/MyName/Movies" to the list. You can remove a location from the Media Locations list by highlighting it and then pressing the "-" button.


For a more in depth explanation of media locations and sandboxing please read this article on Media Locations

You can check a particular FCP XML to see if it refers to any media outside the current Media Locations list by pressing Verify against FCP XML and selecting the file.

Any locations that contain media used by a project that are not listed in Media Locations will appear in the list of Inaccessible Locations. Add new locations until there are no more listed and you will see a message at the bottom of the list that says "All media locations are accessible." You can add folders as Media Locations that are "higher" up the folder hierarchy than those listed. For example you could include your home directory rather than your movies directory and then you would not need to add another location if you have media files on your desktop.


For a more in depth explanation of media locations and sandboxing please read this article on Media Locations

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