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Frequently Asked Questions - Frequent Questions & Troubleshooting

FAQs - Frequent Questions & Troubleshooting

For an explanation of what sandboxing is, why X2Pro uses it, and how to use the "Media Locations" feature, click here to see the "Media Locations Help" article.

A conformed clip is one that FCP X has automatically retimed because the frame rate of the clips was very close the the frame rate of the project. For example when a 23.98fps clip is used in a 25fps project, FCP X will play the clip at just over 104% speed. FCP X does not alert the user when it conforms clips.

X2Pro doesn't support retiming or conforming, and clips will be at the original speed in the AAF. This is likely to cause a sync issue, so if any clips were retimed/conformed, the conversion report will list each one and the time code that it appears in the project so that the audio finisher knows what to look for when they open the AAF.

The error message "Failed to open bookmark for asset" indicates that the media locations have been invalidated since they were added, or that a "bookmark" in the fcpxml has been invalidated since it was created.
Try removing all media locations in the X2Pro preferences and re-exporting the project from FCP X.

Warnings indicate that some part of the project information was not translated but that an AAF has been created which accurately reflects the timeline.

Errors indicate that the project contains features which could not be translated and no AAF has been created.

You can copy/paste the text from the error/warning window to help you refine the FCP X project to better translate, or to hand over to audio finishing for their information.

We are keen to improve X2Pro, so if you find a problem, please get in touch on the forum. Make sure to read the forum rules before posting as following the rules will speed up any investigation.

We would love to hear about your suggestions for new features in X2Pro, please submit your suggestion on the X2Pro forum.

Only audio media is translated, video media is ignored. We recommend rendering an off-line or proxy version of the flattened video and exporting that if a reference is needed within Pro Tools.

Audio media can be any QuickTime 7 supported audio, non-PCM audio is converted to PCM at either 16 or 24 bit (set in the preferences).

Some media that is supported by FCP X is not supported by QuickTime 7, for example AC-3 audio that is recorded on some camcorders. Any audio that is no supported by Quicktime 7 will not supported in X2Pro.

X2Pro will create a space in the timeline which is the length of the timemapped clip (i.e. if the used part of the clip is one minute long and is slowed down by 50% there will be a 2 minute gap). X2Pro will put the original audio media at the start of this gap, with the in point aligned with the start of the gap. X2Pro will not translate the timemapping (i.e. it will not stretch or squash the media).

X2Pro will only include the angles used in the project.

The FCPXML only points to the Original Media, either within the event folder if it has been copied on import, or in the original location if it has not.

If you rename media in FCP X that name will be reflected in ProTools. However, if you use that media multiple times and rename it each time, then only one name can be used as there is only one piece of actual media.

If you have sub-roles and you use the Role order window to separate the sub-role from the root Role name, both will be placed at the position of the first mention of the role.

For example if you have:

  1. music
  2. effects
  3. music.Source
  4. dialog


  1. music.Source
  2. dialog
  3. music
  4. effects

All the music roles will appear on the first tracks in Pro Tools.

This is a bug in the way ProTools interprets the AAF and cannot be fixed in X2Pro. Other DAWs do not suffer from this problem with the same AAF file.

No, Media Composer is not officially supported by X2Pro and the AAF files that X2Pro produces may not be correctly interpreted by Media Composer.

It doesn't really matter; X2Pro will ignore any metadata that is affected by this option. "None" is the best choice because it will create the smallest fcpxml file.

Rather than try to perfectly match transition and fade types between FCP X and the DAW, X2Pro simply converts both transitions and fades to linear interpolated fades/transitions as a placeholder so that the audio engineer can review and enhance these fades and transitions as required.

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