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      I have a longer Project with many audio tracks embedded in the video files. Up to 14 Dialogue Roles, Effects and Music.
      When I try to convert to AAF it won’t even “really” start. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

      An error occurred converting Final Cut XML to AAF

      Writing AAF file
      Adding assets to AAF file
      Adding essence for asset [004_0284] to AAF file
      Adding essence data to AAF file for portion 0 of asset [004_0284]
      Reading audio data from audio extractor : 93504 samples
      Failed to read 93504 samples
      Error Extracting audio data (read 96192 bytes of 280512 required) (Status number 1)

      Suggestion: Does this movie contain an unsupported audio format ?

      No AAF file has been generated.
      X2ProLE Audio Convert 4.5.16

      Tim Robson

        It is likely that X2Pro can’t access the files, make sure that you add all of the media locations using the drag/drop folder method as sometimes the browse/select doesn’t work properly in the more recent OS variants.


          Thanks a lot for the hint.
          I tried adding all the folder manually – before I only had the main folder added, but somehow adding all the folders within separately seems to work better. It tried to start now but stopped soon again with a similar error code (see the picture).

          Any ideas?

          And when adding the whole SSD, like the app wanted me to, to the sources, I get another error message right away. Honestly, I’ve used the app in the past many times and NEVER had anything remotely as complicated and unworkable as this…

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          Tim Robson

            Can you supply the xml file for analysis, we think that the xml is wrong about the content of these assets, once we have looked at the xml we will also probably need some media files but we need the xml to identify which ones.

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