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yes yes
Features X2Pro LE X2Pro
Translates FCP X audio timeline to AAF Yes Yes
Translates L-cuts, J-cuts, levels, automatic gain and fade handles Yes Yes
Transitions converted into linear cross fades  Yes Yes
Translates compound clips Yes Yes
Media embedded in AAF Yes Yes
Embedded media can be trimmed
No Yes
Media can be referenced rather than embedded  No Yes
Supports any QuickTime supported audio Yes Yes
Non-PCM audio is converted to PCM at either 16 or 24 bit Yes Yes
Multicam Clips uses audio of the selected angle Yes Yes
Choose which roles and subroles to export and which to ignore  No Yes
Choose the order in which roles and subroles are exported  No Yes
Subroles can be ignored creating a far more compressed set of tracks  No Yes
Roles are now packed more densely into Pro Tools tracks  Yes Yes
When a channel is not enabled in FCP X it is not exported Yes Yes
WAV headers, with metadata, copied into embedded media from source files  Yes Yes
  AvailableOnAppStore Mac AvailableOnAppStore Mac