Sharing directly from FCP X to X2Pro

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FCP X can share projects directly to enabled applications. This means that you don't need to separately export from FCP X and then browse (or drag and drop) in X2Pro. Sharing allows you to do this in a single step.


Setting things up in FCP X
Before you can use this feature, you must setup X2Pro as a destination within FCP X. This is a simple process and only needs to be done once.

1. Open the Destinations preferences
From the File menu, select Share and then Add Destination...


2. Create a New Destination

Making sure that Add Destination is selected on the left, double click on the Export File icon on the right. This will create a new entry on the left called Export File. Double click on this new entry and give it a better name, for example X2Pro.


3. Configure the new Share Destination

There is only one thing to configure for the new Share Destination and that is the application that should be used to open the resulting file. From the Open With selection, choose Other... and locate X2Pro within the Application folder.

When you're all finished, it should look like this:

destinations done

Don't worry about the options for Video and Audio. When FCP X and X2Pro talk, X2Pro will ask for only the FCP XML, so no media files will be generated.



  • The items on the Share menu (see below) will be presented in the same order as the items in the Destinations list above. The items in this list can be re-arranged by dragging items within the list.
  • If sharing to X2Pro is your most common destination, you can make X2Pro the default destination by ctrl-clicking (or right-clicking) on the X2Pro entry in the Destinations list and selecting Make Default. With X2Pro as the default destination, you can share straight to X2Pro, just by pressing ⌘E.


Sharing a Project
Once the destination has been setup, X2Pro will appear on the File -> Share menu.

To share a project, first ensure that the project is selected in the Library's Event. Then from the File menu select Share and then X2Pro...

FCP X will pop up an Info window prior to sharing:

Press the Next... button.

X2Pro will appear and will then disappear again. Don't worry, this is quite normal. FCP X will launch X2Pro and will ensure that X2Pro is a compatible application (in effect, making sure that they both speak the same language).

Once FCP X is happy that X2Pro is compatible, it hides X2Pro and then generates the FCP XML. Once this is done, X2Pro will appear again, with the FCP XML loaded as the Source.

From here, you can review the roles and other settings before starting your conversion...