Known Issues / Limitations

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Track names in Pro Tools are OK but the channel name of the clips is wrong (7116)

  • Both iXML and bext data are included in the AAF created by X2Pro, but this is ignored in Pro Tools. Therefore we have to copy the bext data to another part of the AAF for it to be read by Pro Tools. In some rare cases the iXML and bext data do not match, and this is the cause of the issue.
  • Mentioned in the Avid Forums:
  • Use “Wave Agent” to open the FCPXML, then click on a track name as if to edit it, but don’t and then save it appears to fix the bext info. After processing this FCPXML with X2Pro the clips in Pro Tools have the correct Channel Name.

X2Pro not working with certain .R3D files (7034)

  • X2Pro fails to extract audio from certain .R3D files created with RED SDK 6.1.0
  • We will need to implement the latest RED SDK in a forthcoming version
  • The workaround is to convert the media and then relink it
  • Should be resolved in the next release


Unable to find asset portion in asset rXXX to match usage starting at YYYY seconds with duration ZZZZ second (6996)

  • May be related to the essence involved and is still under investigation


Some projects can cause the application to crash on AAF creation (6994)

  • Should be resolved in the next release


Error requested XXXXX samples from RED file but got YYYYY (6393)

  • Some .R3D files are created with the audio shorter than the video by a few frames
  • We are looking at whether we can pad the audio


Not enough media from 24fps clips sent with no or little handles to 25fps session in ProTools (7076)

  • If you have a 10 second 24fps clip in FCPX and transfer this with trim audio option in X2Pro, to a 25fps session it will show up as only 9.6 seconds long
  • Add sufficient handles for the length of media concerned (0.4 seconds for every 10 seconds of media), or disable the trim audio option


Drag/Drop onto X2Pro app icon or "open fcpxml with" X2Pro (from finder) causes X2Pro to crash (7026)


Pro Tools 12.7 crashing when importing AAF when sub roles are filtered (6971)

  • PT 12.7 errors on import with “Could not complete your request because assertion in “/Volumes/XXXX/YYYY/ZZZZ/FF_AudioFile.cpp” line 1100”
  • Occurs in PT 12.7 only when sub roles are filtered
  • The same sequences in PT 12.4 and 12.2 have no issue whether roles are excluded or not
  • The issue has been raised with Avid


Disabled clips in multicam clips are not being discarded (6962)

  • If the option to discard disabled clips is turned on, penultimate tracks from multicam clips are still included


Unable to find asset portion in asset rXX to match usage starting at YYYY seconds with duration ZZZZ seconds (6960)

  • Has occurred for a specific sequence created with a 1.6 FCP XML
  • Workaround would be to export project again from FCP but choose a 1.5 XML


X2Pro doesn't detect multiple projects in 1.6 fcpxml (6874)

  • If you generate an 1.6 FCP XML that contains two projects X2Pro will only see and work on the first project
  • Ideally X2Pro should warn there are multiple projects and not procede